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Water & Wastewater Services

Here at Cully Automation Ltd. we offer expert services into the water and wastewater sector and are committed to consistently providing the highest level of quality to all aspects of our work, tailored to address the unique requirements of each client. Delivering secure and reliable services to support your need from start to finish and thereafter.

Our commitment is to the water industry and understating our customers’ requirements. Providing turnkey solutions from small to large scale projects. We have been involved with many water conservation project in Ireland from the supplying and installation of flowmeters, roadside cabinets, data loggers, SMS telemetry loggers, radio telemetry and SCADA systems to support and leakage monitoring.

We also work closely with Group Water Schemes in rural Ireland, offering our expertise with products and services for monitoring and control of water usage and quality including supply and installation of chlorine booster stations.



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