Leak Detection

Network Leakage

Water leaks can be very difficult to detect, this is particularly true for background leaks that persistently release water slowly over time. Meaning it can be difficult to accurately understand the real volume of losses in the water distribution networks.

Early detection leaks in a water distribution network is of great significance to the water utilities. The delay in detection and repair of a failed water main can lead to a large amount of water loss and serious damage to infrastructure.



Proven Solutions

Our solution removes the need for reactive digging of vague leak locations by deploying solutions that provide proactive tracking and leak pinpointing with automated alarms at the first sign of a leak, before it becomes a full-blown disaster.

Our solutions can be fitted to the network to identify current leaks that need fixing, they can also be fitted to a network to monitor and manage, with set point alarms to notify the operator of any changes that might indicate a leak on the network.

Network Monitoring

A real-time leak detection system based on SCADA, especially flow and pressure data in the distribution network, has provided many water utilities another option to manage their water loss in addition to the traditional regular acoustic survey, night flow analysis, network calibration and simulation, transient analysis and flow statistics.

The most efficient way to monitor, manage and maintain water consumption and identify possible network failures.


Product Range

Leak Detection Instrumentation