Surveying Services

Precise & Accurate Surveys

Cully Automation Ltd have skilled Civil Engineers who carry out all the Surveying works. Our Engineers have gained valuable experience in Surveying Roads, and Structures, Pipelines, Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Having completed full Asset Management Surveys for a number of Group Water Schemes and County/ City Councils across Ireland, the information produced by the surveys is then utilized to update their As Built documents and Drawings.

Using the latest surveying equipment to ensure the data obtain is accurate and meets the needs of the client. Applying specific Instruments for different survey requirements. Our teams are trained fully on the equipment used and often out team aid in the R&D of our partners products.



GPS Survey

GPS surveying is a quick and accurate way of mapping and modeling the physical world, from mountainous landscapes to city skylines. This versatility and utility are why GPS surveying is the standard practice for any surveying operation

  • Positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services.
  • Monitoring the movement of a object
  • Making precise time measurements (timing)
  • Survey submitted in AutoCAD format and PDF format drawing

Topographical Drawings

Topographical drawings show the main physical and geographical features of a specific area:

  • Site boundary outline and top level of all structures,
  • Type of structure (e.g. septic tank, primary settlement tanks, etc.)
  • Invert level of all accessible pipes,
  • All exposed process pipework, chambers, kerb Lines, hard and soft landscaping.
  • Underground services routes based on manhole\chamber survey
  • All services and pipelines are clearly identified
  • Survey submitted in AutoCAD format and PDF format drawings

Pipeline Surveys

Pipeline Survey involve assessing the existing condition of the distribution network and sewer pipeline.

A pipeline survey can estimate the extent of damage and deterioration of a pipeline, and assess any need for repair, replacement or rehabilitation.

  • Outline of all structures, pipe tracing
  • Internal Pipe Inspection via Camera Survey
  • Topo Survey on Road c/l and verge kerb line
  • All existing valves, hydrants and meters, existing chambers,
  • All identify all known Services including drainage, eircom, ESB and GAS
  • Survey submitted in AutoCAD format and PDF format drawings

As Constructed Surveys

An as constructed or as-built survey is an important document that shows additions such as utilities, buildings and other improvements that have been added to the land.

These surveys are requested by many industries and can be an invaluable tool for anyone working inside the property boundary.

  • Outline of all new structures including chambers, kiosks, buildings including invert levels and top level
  • Topo Survey on roads and grass margins c/l and verge kerb line etc..
  • Pipe work route, ducting routes All valves, hydrants and meters
  • Identify all known services including drainage, eircom, ESB and GAS
  • Survey submitted in AutoCAD format and PDF format drawings

Asset Management Surveys

Cully Automation have complete over 400 asset management surveys on water and waste water treatment plants. These surveys we identify, categorise the various treatment processes at the site as well as capturing the health, age, and condition of assets within the water process. A key indicator for development, calibration, and replacement.

  • Recorded the induvial assets and generate a QR code for each piece of equipment which can be scanned to view; the serial numbers etc..
  • Photograph the equipment and video the internal plant processes.