ABB Ability™ Verification for measurement devices

Instrumentation Health Verification

ABB Ability SRV500

Flow products working at peak performance help maximize productivity, profitability and meet regulatory requirements. ABB’s verification services provide the best possible check of product performance and health without removing the product from the process.

It is essential to carry out periodic product verifications to ensure performance has not deviated significantly from specified tolerances. This is especially important for custody transfer or billing applications where significant costs can be avoided or income can be generated.


Verification Software

The software provides an overall PASS/FAIL but more importantly a detailed measurement of the device internals. The tests can be stored locally or shared database allowing further analysis. The graph functionality also allows results to be compared to historical tests of that particular meter.

The standard version of the ABB Ability allows the user to verify a device in situ within 5 minutes increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

Key Benefits

  • Universal – Tests multiple device types
  • One-click – Fully automated test
  • Fast – 4x faster than manual tests
  • Compatible – Handles common device protocols
  • Intuitive – Minimized learning curve & training investment
  • Secure – Less risk for cyber attacks & related impacts
  • Fingerprint – Faster, more effective decisions