What we do

Cully Automation Ltd offer a full spectrum of services from the design and install of primary measurement equipment to large scale process automation. We offer services into various vertical markets. At Cully Automation we are consistently providing the highest levels of quality to all aspects of our work, tailored to address the unique requirements of each client.


Cully Automation Ltd.'s staff have significant experience in the management of Large Scale Projects across various industries. Maintenance and Service of an extensive Asset base remains the primary focus of the company as a whole.


Cully Automation Ltd deploy Real Time HMI/SCADA and Telemetry Systems. The integration of real-time, historical and plant data into an operational dashboard on these systems provide quality metrics and KPIs. With real-time HMI/SCADA, operators are instantly notified and can respond to accurate information as conditions and alarms occur. Easily create advanced reports to document operations, maintenance and analysis efforts.



Cully Automation Ltd are a Strategic Alliance Partner with ABB for the supply of Instrumentation, Control & Automation Products throughout Ireland. In this role Cully Automation supply PLCs, HMIs, Electromagnetic flowmeters, controllers, pressure transmitters, in-line continuous analysers (pH, conductivity, turbidity, flouride etc.).


Software Solutions

GENESIS64  is the most advanced HMI/SCADA solution, and the leader in next generation 64-bit automation visualization software solutions. Across all industries, GENESIS64 bridges data connectivity, aggregation and visualization to provide the most flexible and comprehensive software suite for your HMI/SCADA needs now and in the future.


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Flow Measurement

For ultrasonic flow measurement of slight to heavily polluted media in part filled and full pipes and channels. Best possible results even under difficult conditions.


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Leak Detection

View our vast range of leak detection products such as the Enigma, Mickrom3, Eureka, Fuji Water Leak Detector LD- or Ferret Leak Detection Unit.


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