Case Study

Water Disinfection

Killineer Water Treatment Plant UV Disinfection, Automation and SCADA upgrade Works

Water Disinfection & Control

Cully Automation Ltd were appointed as automation specialists on the mechanical and electrical upgrade works for Kilineer Water Treatment Plant in County Louth. The project included the automation and telemetry to the Local Authority Countywide SCADA & Mobile-HMI©. As well as the installation and automation of a Visades T200F UV disinfection system.  Any works carried out needed to comply with the IW-TEC-900-05-03a Revision: v0.5 standards.

The purpose of the upgrade works in Killineer WTP was to ensure the potable water was safe to drink and following the  completion of the works a boil water notice, which was in place for eight months, from January 2021 to September 2021, was lifted

The Project Scope

The preliminary electrical upgrade works were agreed, allowing the automation design to start. Our Automation Engineers designed the HMI configuration and implemented same into the process. The IO data was added to existing regional telemetry connections, databases, and interfaces. FAT of four Low Voltage panels was carried out.

For the disinfection one Visades T200F UV system was installed. The UV reactor was set up so it would come on before the pumps, this would ensure all water leaving the site would be UV Treated. In addition, Cully Automation Ltd installed an ABB Watermaster meter to set up measurable proportional flow to the Visades UV Treatment unit.

The project required a single application process automation and telemetry solution. The ABB AC500 PLC based control system was used. Its modular design allows the PLC to be distributed using multiple serial and TCP based fieldbus’. The AC500 will utilise Modbus TCP via a secondary Ethernet port to communicate with the modular processes while its primary Ethernet Port will communicate with all hierarchical SCADA systems using IEC60870-5-104 & OPCUA. The master PLC will be located within the existing Water Treatment. This PLC control system along with remote connected nodes will collect all instrument data and control the Pumping, UV and Filter systems as dictated by the control regime. Chlorine controls will remain a function of the modular Chlorine PLC.


Cully Automation Ltd. as specialists on the Kilineer WTP upgrade project, our scope of works included PLC integration, HMI interface design and implementation, UV disinfection unit installation and automation and SCADA system including alarms.


The Installation works required a water outage, to minimise the downtime all engineering, testing and prefabrication works were all completed prior to going to site. Thus, ensuring all water outages were kept to a minimum. Cully Automation Ltd carried out the full Installation, testing and commissioning within the timeframe permitted. The system is now fully operational, the automated UV treatment is working routinely to ensure that the people in Killineer are getting safe, high quality drinking water. All the signals from Killineer Pump House are going back to the Countywide SCADA System, where treads and alarms can be monitored and managed.



  • Long term cost savings
  • Asset management and longevity
  • Safe and clean drinking water
  • Little down time
  • Safe and secure supply of water