TB451 - Tri-clamp type, 4 stainless steel electrodes


The TB451 conductivity cell has an integral Tri-Clamp fitting and is designed for use in sanitary applications. ABB offers two styles of these sensors. The first is a flush-face style that meets the process at the Tri-Clamp fitting. The second has an extended face designed to meet the process at the end of a Tri-Clamp fitting such as a tee. The extended face type is O-ring sealed to prevent the process solution from getting behind the electrode face where cleaning chemicals will not reach. This style of sensor can be sized to fit either 1.0 in. or 1.5 in. tubing. The flush style can be used with either size.


Key Features

  • Integral Tri-Clamp flange
  • Security from crevice formation in process
  • Corrosion resistant, stainless steel electrodes
  • Extent of fouling notification and fouled sensor relay
  • Integral automatic temperature compensation
  • Maximum temperature 140 °C (284 °F)
  • Maximum pressure 689 kPa (6.89 bar / 100 psi)