T200F UV-Disinfection


VISADES UV Disinfection systems are equipped with the most modern controls. This means that programming is also possible for additional components. The operator of a water plant is supported by reliable monitoring as well as visualization, connectivity and the associated sensors.

VISADES UV Disinfection systems are used where a microbiological requirement of the water can not be guaranteed. The main application of this plant lies in the drinking water area of municipal and private water supplies.

This UV-system is designed to give reliable UV disinfection together with a solid metering and data logging system, as well as remote maintenance and many little functions for small to medium water plants.

Key Features

  • Model VISADES T200F
  • UV lamp count 1
  • Flow at 97,8% T10 14,42 m³/h
  • Steel quality UV chamber 1.4301
  • Operation pressure max. 10 bar
  • UV Chamber diameter 168 mm
  • UV Chamber width 351 mm
  • UV Chamber height 1170 mm
  • Height for Lamp change 2150 mm
  • Chamber volume 19,3 Liter
  • Empty weight 27 kg
  • Flange connections FL DN65
  • Water temperature +1 bis +45 °C
  • Ambient temperature +5 bis +40 °C