SPA-ZF - Fiber-optic cables

Cables for linking SPACOM and REF, REM, REC and REX products


The various protection, control and annunciator units of the SPACOM and REF, REM, REC and REX products are linked together via the SPA bus, which physically is composed of fiber-optic cables. Two types of fiber-optic cables are used, i.e. plastic core cables and glass-fiber core cables.
The plastic core and glass fiber cables have different optic specifications. Plastic-core cables are used for shorter distances, i.e. under 30 m, whereas glass-fiber cables can be used for distances up to 1000 m.

key Features

  • Being isolators the fibre-optic cables prevent current from flowing between the SPACOM and REF, REM, REC and REX products of a system because the different devices may be on different potential levels.
  • Conventional electrical pilot wires of a substation switchgear installation, to a great extent, are replaced with fiber-optic cables which transfers measured values, control commands, status and event data, etc.
  • Simple mounting, no special tools needed
  • Immunity to electrical and electromagnetic interference
  • Economical bus solution in comparison with electrical bus
  • Standard lengths of cables with premounted opto-connectors