Atrium (formerly Primeweb)

Cloud based water network analytics Atrium is a cloud-based analytics solution for water network pressure, flow, and leak location monitoring.


Atrium, formerly known as Primeweb, is a cloud based data collection solution for monitoring water network pressure, flow and leak location pinpointing. This solution, combined with our data logging products, allows data processing and display of water network data, event alarms and correlated leak positions; all on one platform.

Atrium processes remote data from XiLog data loggers, Phocus noise loggers and Enigma correlating noise loggers. The data collected is then accessible anytime, anywhere. A user can quickly identify problems such as exceptional usage, low pressure or increased leakage. Users can process data in Atrium to generate greater insight than from raw data alone. Atrium  offers high security together with customised user access levels.

This solution allows real-time data collection and display of water network hydraulic data plus leak alarms and correlated leak positions; all on one platform. 

Key Features

  • Advanced analytics for leak event 
    • Increase confidence of leak presence through advanced analytics 
  • Full visualisation capabilities 
    • Visualise your leaks on Google Maps™ 
    • View your deployed Ovarro leak detection assets 
    • Google Street View™ visualisation enables you to understand the local surroundings 
  • Daily updates for reduced leak run time 
    • Action repairs sooner to reduce water loss 
  • Historical data to aid leakage management 
    • Enables you to undertake pattern analysis and i dentify recurring problem areas 
  • Alarm notifications 
    • Get notified when a leak occurs