Mikron3 Junior

Entry level acoustic water leak pinpointing system for leak pre-location and location


Mikron3 Junior is a compact, easy to use, water leak pinpointing system with optimised acoustic sensing technology and excellent sound quality.

The Processor unit displays the minimum noise level which is the background noise level without transient noises such as road traffic. The bar graph display shows the position of maximum leak noise. Adjustable filters allow for minimising background noise. The unit may be hand-held or used with a neck strap and is designed for both left and right-handed use.

Key Features

  • Clear visual display of leak noise strength
  • Adjustable filter frequency ranges for minimum interference
  • Airborne noise reduction achieved via sensor cable ball and foam cover
  • Test rods for pre-location at fittings and ground plate for use on variety of surfaces
  • Dynamic listen control for hearing protection
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Carry case may also be used as back-pack