Non-contact laser level measurement for industrial applications

Key Features 

The LLT100 is the latest generation of laser level measurement transmitters. Building upon the success of the LM80, it incorporates a multitude of innovative technologies to specifically tailor laser time-of-flight measurement to the demands of industrial applications.

The LLT100 is therefore capable of measuring any all solids or liquids, even transparent liquids, by using precise timing circuits, laser pulse control, and powerful signal processing.

The level of solids can be measured at up to 100 meters (330 feet) and liquids at up to 30 meters (100 feet). All of this available in a 2-wire powered device! Specifically made for harsh industrial environments, the LLT100 provides continuous, non-contact level measurement capabilities for process automation and inventory management in industries such as chemicals, aggregates, oil & gas, mining, food & beverages, power, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, and water & waste water.

Key Features

  • Dust tube avoids dirt or splashing liquids on the window
  • Cooling tube increases max. process temperature to 280°C/535°F
  • Heated window prevents condensation on window (requires 4 wire power)
  • Integral Through-the-Glass user interface configuration directly on the unit
  • Rotating bracket ideal for aiming the LLT100 laser beam
  • Swivel flange provides precise aiming of the LLT100 laser beam. Especially useful in liquid applications
  • Laser pointer tool used to provide a visual reference when aligning LLT100