Cinterion Modem Terminal MC52i OEM

The new generation of GPRS Terminals


Based on the powerful MC52i wireless module platform the improved Terminals offer additional functionality while remaining compatible with its predecessors.
MC52i Terminal packs a Dual-Band GSM/GPRS baseband with TCP/IP connectivity based on GPRS Class 8 data transmission into a compact plug-and-play housing. The robust housing includes a range of common interfaces as well as an integrated SIM cardholder which make the new generation to an all-in-one solution enabling voice, data, SMS and fax communication.

The new generation is available as Dual-Band with GPRS Class 8 functionality. With an extended temperature range, the reliable terminals can be used in a wide range of M2M business fields such as metering, remote maintenance, traffic systems, transportation and logistics, and security.

Key Features

  • GSM Quad-Band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz (MC55iT)
  • GSM Dual-Band 900 / 1800 MHz (MC52iT)
  • 3GPP Release 98
  • GPRS multi-slot Class 10/8
  • Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
    Output power:
  • Class 4 (2W) for GSM850
  • Class 4 (2W) for GSM900
  • Class 1 (1W) for GSM1800
  • Class 1 (1W) for GSM1900
  • SIM Application Toolkit
  • Control via AT commands (Hayes, 3GPP TS27.007 and 27.005)
  • CP / IP stack access via AT commands
  • Internet Services TCP server/ client, UDP, ICMP, DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3
  • Supply voltage range: 8 – 30 V
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to +75 °C
  • Dimensions: 65 x 74 x 33 mm
  • Weight: 110 g
  • WEEE
  • RoHS and EuP compliant