CA610 - Fluoride Analyser

Reliable, Full-time Fluoride Monitoring


The CA610 Fluoride Analyser uses advanced ion-selective electrode (ISE) technology for continuous monitoring of fluoride concentration in drinking water effluent. Accuracy is ensured with precise control of temperature, ionic strength, and pH. Interferences that can bias measurements are virtually eliminated with this electrode.

The electrode of the CA610 analyser is made with a molded fluoride crystal tip. The working life of the electrode is approximately one year. The specially designed tip of the electrode should be replaced every six months. Reagent consumption is very low and maintenance is simple.


The ISE system of the CA610 analyser includes a reference pH electrode and a working electrode.

Three reagents are used: Total Ionic Strength Adjustment Buffer (TISAB) solution and two fluoride standards. The TISAB is used for the following purposes. The Ionic strength adjustment lets the electrode respond to concentration instead of activity. The pH control ensures fluoride is present in its ionic state. The Weak complexes formed by certain metals (for example, aluminum) are broken up by TISAB and chelates potential interferents for accurate fluoride measurement.