The flowmeter for probe based in-situ flow measurement


The flowmeter for probe based in-situ flow measurement

The AquaProbe is an insertion type of electromagnetic flowmeter; used as a permanent flow measurement solution or a portable survey tool. Assisting in the building of an accurate network model, locating leaks to check the operation of installed, full-bore meters.

The sensor can be installed in pipelines without the need for major excavations or alterations to pipework.

Key Features


  • Fully submersible, rugged and robust sensor – reliable, maintenance-free operation in arduous
  • ‘Hot tap’ capability — enables installation with no interruption to normal water
  • Good accuracy over wide operating flow range in both forward and reverse flow directions — enables user to accurately measure peak daytime flows and minimal night flows
  • Price virtually independent of pipe diameter –  low cost alternative to full bore meter
  • Suitable for permanent or temporary installation  — total user flexibility
  • No moving components and hence no bearing wear problems— stable calibration and reliable operation
  • Choice of transmitter— fully satisfies user application requirements