Aquacell S200

The S200 is the simplest of the refrigerated Aquacell Stationary Wastewater Sampler range


Where an indoor refrigerated Sampler is required for a secure location the S200 is the perfect solution. As with every Sampler in the Aquacell range the S200 model incorporates the well proven and dependable Aquacell Module.

Key Features

  • MCERTs compliant
  • The Aquacell S200 can be used with a wide variety of Sample Collection Vessels
    Separate lockable Refrigeration compartment and Sampler Cover (optional)
    Via the Ancillary Signal Connection all Portable models can be connected to, and controlled by, external equipment such as Flow Meters, pH Meters, PLCs etc.


  • Sample Collection Vessel compatibility:
    – Single Container Options: All
    – Multiple Container Options: Integral and Removable Bottlers
    (excl. Self-Emptying)
  • Dimension: 1250x500x600mm(HxWxD)
  • Weight: 46.0kg (excluding SCV and optional extras)
  • Intake Hose length: 10m
  • Ambient working temperature range: 5°C to 40°C