AC213 - Submersible Type, 2 Carbon Electrode Conductivity Cell


The AC213/0 conductivity cell is designed for complete submersion in open channels and waterways. AC213/1 and AC213/2 are dip-type cells for immersion in open channels and tanks in most industrial applications. The cells are constructed with annular carbon electrodes and are resistant to polarization, requiring virtually no maintenance. The design and method of construction has resulted in a world-class product with an enviable reputation for long life, quality and reliability.

Key Features

  • Annular carbon electrodes enabling measurements up to 10,000 µS/cm
  • Fixed, ingress-protected cable
  • 10 and 1.0 cell constants
  • Integral Pt100 temperature sensor
  • Submersible sensor with IP 68 ingress protection
  • 1 in. NPT front and rear thread
  • Robust polypropylene dip holder with integral mounting flange
  • On-site adjustable dip lengths up to 1 or 2 m
  • Maximum temperature 90 °C (194 °F) – dip systems