9408-80 - Flow-through Dissolved Oxygen System


The Dissolved Oxygen System Cartridge 9408-80 is a compact and robust flow-through system used to measure high levels of dissolved oxygen in process and waste waters. The sensor is extremely rugged and can be used in the most demanding environments.

9408-80 systems complement the highly successful 9408 floating ball, dip and submersible systems and employ the well-proven 8012 oxygen sensor. A key feature is the bayonet snap-fit connection which makes removal for calibration very easy and convenient. The typical life of the 8012 oxygen sensor is 12 months, although many users benefit from a much longer operational period.

Key Features

  • Used up to 20 ppm or 200 % saturation
  • Bayonet-fit connection makes removal simple
  • Choice of process connections in BSP or NPT
  • Replaceable oxygen sensor simplifies maintenance
  • Water-wash option – keeps the sensor in optimum condition