100E General Purpose 12 mm pH/redox (ORP) Sensor

Cost-effective pH measurement for general applications


The 100E series of Ultem® pH and Redox (ORP) electrodes provide accurate and reliable measurement in a robust 12 mm diameter body offering an excellent combination of performance and price.

Offered with a choice of connectors and integral cable lengths, the 100E provides uncomplicated pH/ORP measurement for a wide range of general purpose applications where highly cost-effective measurement is required such as drinking water treatment, environmental monitoring, hydroponics and aquaculture.

The 100E pH sensor features low-resistance pH glass with an acrylamide-free gel electrolyte and double junction reference protection to provide accurate measurements across the full pH scale (0 to 14).

The Ultem® body combines strength with enhanced chemical resistance; the notched design offers mechanical protection for the pH glass.

The 100E is available with an integrated PT100 temperature sensor and a choice of cable lengths with BNC or tinned wire connection for easy connection.

Key Features

  • Excellent combination of price and performance
  • Low maintenance design with double junction reference protection
  • Virtually unbreakable Ultem® body
  • PG13.5 process connection for quick installation and removal
  • Optional integrated temperature sensor provides rapid compensation for changes in process temperature
  • Choice of 1, 3 and 5 m (3.3, 9.8 and 16.4 ft.) integral cable lengths