100 ULTRA - pH/ORP Analog Sensor

Simplified measurement in low conductivity applications


Increased efficiency

Propriety high performance glassware formulations provide the highest level of reliability and responsiveness

Close-coupled temperature measurement ensures high accuracy even with rapid temperature changes

Maintenance-free and reliable

Saturated KCl matrix offers extended operation in high-purity applications with minimal drift

Large, porous PTFE junction reduces plugging and fouling effects while providing measurement stability

Robust PVDF ¾ inch NPT body provides superior mechanical and chemical resistance

Each electrode is manufactured to the highest quality standards and provided with a calibration certificate

Modular design

Universal ¾ inch NPT design for simplified mounting

Available in a range of detached or integral cabling options

Key Features

With no electrolyte to top-up, the 100 ULTRA reduces the maintenance requirements and costs typically associated with pure water applications.

The 100 ULTRA features a high-volume internal chamber containing a super-saturated electrolyte matrix with a large porous PTFE junction that provides added measurement stability with minimal drift for long-term measurement down to 2 μS/cm.