Authorised Ovarro Partner conference 2023 Abu Dhabi
Authorised Ovarro Partner

Diamond Authorised Ovarro Partner

February 8, 2023
Authorised Ovarro Partner conference 2023 Abu Dhabi

Authorised Ovarro Partner

A world class channel management programme that acts as a leading influence for Ovarro in delivering sustainable, predictable and continued growth.

Cully Automation ltd. are the authorized AOP for Ireland and have been for over 20 years, holding the Diamond status.

Authorised Ovarro Partner conference 2023, held in Abu Dhabi.



Why you should choose an Authorised Ovarro Partner

Cully Automation are an Authorised Ovarro Partner,  certified with the official status to supply, support and serve within the water sector for Ireland.  The Authorised Ovarro Partner status is reserved only for approved suppliers, and is structured on a band basis.

  • Band A, the top status a partner can hold is the Diamond status. Which Cully Automation are proud to have achieved.
  • Band B – the Gold status.
  • Band C – the basic Authorised Ovarro Partner (AOP) Status.

As a Diamond Partner we have access to the latest Ovarro technological advances and innovation, along with superior pricing and product availability. As Diamond  Partners we can give our clients the best possible service with the knowledge of having assess to expert Ovarro support at our finger tips.

As a Diamond Partners we have access to special pricing not available should you go direct or through a third party who is not a Diamond Partner.

Authorised Ovarro Partner - Diamond Partner

Operating within the Water Sector

Water Network Management

Discover the range of technology we can provide to water and wastewater sector to help our customers overcome any challenges and improve the operational efficiency of water and wastewater networks.

Leak Managment

Ground-breaking technology, with upwards of 80% conversion rate, provides reliable, rapid identification of leaks by monitoring flow and acoustic noise. Enhanced range of loggers are designed for local and remote leak detection, helping to put an end to Non Revenue Water (NRW) loss.

Data Collection & Visualisation

Cloud based data collection solution for monitoring water network pressure, flow and leak location pinpointing. This solution, combined with Ovarro data logging products, allows data processing and display of water network data, event alarms and correlated leak positions; all on one platform.

The benefits of using an approved Authorised Ovarro Partner

  • Access to a special pricing band only available to Diamond partners,
  • Invested time and resources to become experts on  products, tools and processes.
  • Access to the latest Ovarro tools and resources, including product updates, service notes, new products, and much more.
  • Priority for delivery and stock availability.