TB454 - In-line or submersion type, 4 stainless steel electrodes


The TB454 conductivity cell combines versatility, easy access and low cost into one compact package. The sensor is suitable for either in-line or submersion installations. It fits into a 1 in. NPT receptacle and is inserted with a push and 90-degree twist for in-line installations. There is also a Ryton®(PPS) holder with screw cap available. The wide rangeability of this sensor makes it a perfect match for almost all less aggressive conductivity measurements.


Key Features

  • Twist lock insertion simplifies access
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel electrodes
  • For all conductivity ranges without polarization
  • Extent of fouling notification and fouled sensor relay
  • Integral automatic temperature compensation
  • Suitable for all measurements
  • Maximum temperature 100 °C (212 °F)
  • Maximum pressure 689 kPa (6.89 bar / 100 psi)