Radio Receiver designed for walk-by or drive-by mobile meter reading
Radio Receiver


The Radio Receiver IZAR RDC MOTION is designed for walk-by or drive-by mobile meter reading.

Executing a meter reading tour, the received data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the IZAR@MOBILE 2 software. The software can be installed on a handheld device or a tablet.

The IZAR RDC MOTION is equipped with a rechargeable battery and available in 868 and 434 MHz.

Diehl Metering IZAR RDC MOTION Radio Receiver

Key Features:

  • Wireless mobile meter reading with radio modes T1/C1/C2 up to a range of 400 m
  • High speed Bluetooth data transmission to handhelds
  • Built-in powerful accumulator for a more than 16h operational time for uni-directional reading and up to 12h operation in 2way communication
  • 3 LED indicators providing status information as Bluetooth active, radio telegram received, device on/off and battery status
  • Plastic housing with rubber side grips and belt clip
  • Compatible with all the IZAR products and Diehl Metering integrated radios