CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyser


The industry standard Hach CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyser uses colorimetric DPD chemistry to continuously monitor water for free or total chlorine. The CL17sc will operate unattended for 30 days and is compliant with US EPA regulation 40 CFR 141.74. Monthly routine maintenance for the CL17sc can be performed in a few minutes, including changing reagents and cleaning the colorimetric cell. No special tools are required, and step-by-step, on-screen instructions for all routine maintenance activities give you the confidence that you performed the task correctly without missing any key steps.

The CL17sc is also suitable for permanganate residual measurements. Laboratory and field studies demonstrate the analytical capabilities of the analyser to determine permanganate concentration in water and confirm that it is a robust solution and a good tool for the control of challenging water treatment processes (variable water quality and demand).

Key Features

  • Maintenance Made Easy – The CL17sc reduces your routine maintenance touch time with simplified tubing replacement and step-by-step, on-screen instructions for routine maintenance.
  • Peace of Mind Through Comprehensive Diagnostics – With upgraded features like a fl ow meter, colorimeter window, multicolor status light, and predictive diagnostic software, you know your instrument is operating as intended.
  • Expanded Connectivity Increased Flexibility – By pairing the CL17sc with Hach’s SC controller platform, your options increase significantly: internal data logging, external analog and digital communication alternatives, and multi-parameter instrument flexibility.